between code and design

Breaking the rules

Don't try this at home.

  • Ringo is sitting in front of his computer. Recto watches him over the back. Ringo says: "Rigidbodies are fubar."
  • Recto has an idea: "Maybe transform them in Update?"
  • Ringo is delighted: "Good call! Let's try!"
  • Both of them can be seen staring at the screen in horror.
  • Suddenly the view changes to the earth seen from outer space. Like after an atomic explosion, a huge mushroom cloud rises into the sky. There are two tiny objects, a blue and a red one, thrown straight into space. Two trails lead from the objects to the center of the explosion.
  • They are leaving the vicinity of earth with unmatchable speed. The red dot yells: "PRESS CTRL-P!!!"

Relevant: Pulling the power cord is another option. Works for infinite loops, too.