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Living Light

LD46: Keep it alive


Living Light is a simple 2D game made in (mostly) 72 hours for Ludum Dare 46.

Your are the light in the darkness. Shine bright, but do not wake up the dangers hidden in the darkness... Good luck!

You can find more information about the game in the blog entry and on the ludum dare page.

Other Releases

Windows Release (Download, 16MB)

Linux Release (Download, 17MB)

Source Code on Github

How to play

Simply move your mouse to steer the light. Pick up all white orbs in the level to proceed.


  • Enemies only move inside a circular area around the player, which corresponds with the light radius. They get faster the closer they are.
  • The more orbs you eat, the larger the light radius gets. So it gets progressively harder.
  • Take it slow at the beginning of a level. Figure out where the enemies are first and look for escape routes.
  • Also listen to the distinct sounds of the enemies. You can hear them through the walls.
  • The triangular monster can pass through walls. Watch out!