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Reusable cubes

Unintended use.

  • Ringo and Recto are walking along the side-walk. Ringo sees a white cube, with a fat black border and two crossed eyes lying halfway in a bush. He shouts: "Hey, look! A cube!"
  • Ringo has picked up the cube and they continue walking up to a building with trash in front. There's an identical cube sticking out from the trash. Ringo says: "Another one!"
  • Ringo is now carrying two cubes. They continue walking along a patch of grass. Recto asks: "Why do you collect them?"
  • They both get to a driveway of a house. A blue letterbox can be seen. It's probably the driveway to Ringo's house. Ringo explains: "They are very versatile."
  • Now they are inside of Ringo's house. Ringo puts the two cubes on the floor. Other identical cubes can be seen used as furnishing objects. On one cube there's a TV. On another one a vase with a flower. Two cubes are used as table legs. Another one is framed, hanging on the wall. Ringo continues: "I use them for everyday things."
  • Ringo continues: "... and even more". Now you can see Ringo's house from the outside with the driveway and the blue letterbox they passed before. The whole house is made out of those cubes, except the door and the window.

Relevant: Cubes do not belong in the trash can.