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Against all odds

Ringo joins Ludum Dare 44.

  • Ringo and Recto are walking down the sidewalk. Ringo says: "I'm so excited about Ludum Dare!"
  • Ringo continues: "A challenge to step out of my comfort zone."
  • Recto looks a bit confused while Ringo goes on, even more excited than before: "A symbiosis of creativity and code emerges. Me versus the machine."
  • Recto replies with a serious face: "Two days without sunlight. Stress and struggle. The clock ticks..."
  • Recto continues: "... while you slowly go insane. Sounds dangerous."
  • But Ringo says undeterred: "What an awesome time to be alive!"

Relevant: All people I talk to believe that I'm already insane. Nothing to lose.